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Jackstraw Mountain Gallery

Marjorie Cranston


Meet the Artist

Marjorie Cranston

Fine Art

A lifelong journey studying art has been mine.  

I began drawing at age 4 doing pencil drawings.  Then, as a small child, I began painting with my aunt who was a patient and thoughtful teacher through my early years.  I never stopped learning about my passion and I went on to win the art award in High School.  I chose to attend Michigan State University's Fine Art program with a major in fine art and minor in Art History. Later in life, I went on to achieve a Bachelors in business to help me with the business aspects of art and design. I also joined the Art Student’s League to study under the “greats” in Denver (Tony Ortega and Doug Dawson).

I opened a gallery in Grand Lake, Colorado 22 years ago and began pastel drawing of my surroundings in Grand lake.  Since closing that space two years ago, I have built a new studio and there concentrated on not only pastel, but painting 4 and 5 feet pieces. I loved the inclusion of paint and canvas in my portfolio and now not just landscapes, but wildlife art as well.


I hike 40 miles each week with my dogs looking for that one possible scene to paint.  Just stepping up to a canvas to paint cannot happen without the first step of finding that magical moment hiking.  I take so many photos and throw out most of them until the right mood hits me !    


The production of giclee work is a great way to collect art.  Giclee is done from a full scan of the original and each piece is an investment on the part of the artist.  I drive each piece to Broomfield for the scan.  A good giclee company spends time to make sure the image is perfect before producing.  VanGoghAgainCo in Denver does all of my work. As a piece is ordered it then is produced individually using archival materials and inks;  then is coated for UV protection.   I prefer the orders done on canvas with a full image stretch.  They come ready to hang and many times I cannot tell the original from the giclee. VanGogh does all of my shipping as well insuring timely production and expert packing.  Each customer receives tracking notification of the order.  

Marjorie Cranston
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